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Vivienne O'Connor

Rule of Law Collaborative

Down Arrow

Dr. Vivienne O’Connor is Senior Fellow with the Rule of Law Collaborative. She is a consultant, trainer and academic with 17 years of experience in the field. From 2001 until 2007, she worked as a Rule of Law Project Officer at the Irish Centre for Human Rights. In 2007, she joined the US Institute of Peace as a Senior Rule of Law Advisor, where she worked until 2016. She has been engaged in rule of law projects in numerous countries including Afghanistan, Burma, Haiti, Liberia, Nepal and Syria. She was also the Director of the International Network to Promote the Rule of Law (INPROL), a community of practice consisting of 3,000 rule of law practitioners. She has been an Adjunct Professor at William & Mary Law School and the University of Melbourne Law School and has trained hundreds of rule of law practitioners through the Rule of Law Practitioner’s Course designed and delivered for USIP, the UK Department for International Development and the Australian government. She holds a PhD in Law, a Masters Degree in International Human Rights Law (LLM), and a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) from the National University of Ireland, Galway, in her native Ireland. She is the author of several books, including the Model Codes for Postconflict Criminal Justice (Volume I and Volume II), Criminal Justice Reform in Postconflict States: A Guide forPractitioners (US Institute of Peace/UN Office on Drugs and Crime) (co-author) and Combating Serious Crimes in Post-Conflict Environments: A Manual for Policy-Makers and Practitioners (co-author). Her current research areas include: change management, complexity theory and systems thinking as they apply to rule of law reform and peacebuilding.