ROLC Holds First JUSTRAC+ Program Measurement Workshop






This week, the Rule of Law Collaborative (ROLC) held the inaugural JUSTRAC+ Rule of Law Systems: Program Measurement Workshop over three days, which focused on measurement in rule of law and justice sector reform programs. In the workshop, a group of rule of law and justice reform practitioners from the State Department were given the opportunity to apply skills necessary for measuring effective projects in an interactive module. The workshop also built off the foundation from previous JUSTRAC+ Country Analysis and Program Development Workshops.

The Program Measurement Workshop consisted of six sessions, including expert presentations, discourse among participants, and individual project development. The core material was introduced by ROLC Technical Director Greg Gisvold and reinforced through videos, and participants were able to engage interactively. Following these segments, the participants developed their own program measurement proposals, presenting and receiving ROLC expert feedback in breakout groups to refine details of their designs.