JUSTRAC Interagency Justice Sector Training Program


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The Rule of Law Collaborative designed and delivered its first JUSTRAC Interagency Justice Sector Training Program on December 11-12, 2014, as part of a five-year grant through International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), U.S. Department of State. The JUSTRAC training conferences are intended to improve the skills and knowledge of institutional actors in justice sector programming, increase opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing among those actors, and strengthen justice sector programming so as to have a real impact on host countries’ ability to reform their legal systems.

Program participants–who represented seven U.S. Government agencies, one international organization, and two academic institutions–received training in a variety of rule of law topics over the course of two days. Sample sessions included:

  1. An overview of the institutional actors involved in justice sector and rule of law programming;
  2. Guidelines for program design, management, monitoring, and evaluation;
  3. Justice sector guides and tool kits;
  4. An introduction to different legal systems of the world; and
  5. Interactive exercises that highlighted challenges rule of law practitioners encounter in the field.