Rule of Law Systems: Skills Workshop “Bootcamp”


Washington DC area

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This meta-workshop will offer all three JusTRAC+ workshops – Country Analysis, Program Development, and Program Measurement – usually offered as individual, stand-alone events. Over three days, instruction and practical exercises will help participants understand and begin to develop the core skills necessary for strong and effective projects. This workshop will explore varying perspectives on assessment, information collection, and linkages between problem analysis and project design and progress measurement.

Course content will focus first on understanding country context and justice systems as interdependent and interactive. Participants will learn how to map, analyze, and understand key features of a country’s justice system – including legal frameworks, institutions, and formal and informal actors – to better identify context-specific interventions and opportunities. Participants will then learn about problem-defining and problem-solving tools to help hone more effective interventions. Participants will become familiar with different programming modalities and understand how to creatively design projects closely linked to the problems they aim to ameliorate. Finally, participants will build useful indicators that provide valuable information on progress related to program interventions. Participants will practice their skills developing a draft measurement system.

Participants will learn through a mix of interactive lectures, practical hypothetical exercises, and small-group discussion. The course is limited to 25 participants to promote interaction. A moderate amount of work outside of instructor-led sessions is expected.

Prior to the first day, participants will choose a country/jurisdiction they wish to work on. Because participants will start mapping exercises in the first session, participants should do preliminary research before the workshop. Useful steps include consulting the JusTRAC Knowledge Portal ( and reviewing available country information on NYU’s Global Lex site ( or other assessments participants have access to. If a participant’s work is global or regional in nature, please choose just one country for purposes of this workshop.