JUSTRAC+ Unrolls “Museum Heist: An Anticorruption Immersion Simulation”






From April 25-27, the University of South Carolina’s Rule of Law Collaborative (ROLC)  unrolled its innovative landmark Museum Heist simulation, which Is named for the crime at the core of the scenario. This scenario-based role-playing learning event focuses on corruption, organized crime, and justice sector capacity building in a fictional-but-realistic developing country. Role-playing as police investigators, participants learn experientially about the challenges their developing country counterpart investigators, prosecutors, and judges work through daily. The highly interactive, game-ified learning tool helps participants understand the scope, scale, and nature of corruption; comparative law; and the complexities of foreign assistance to justice systems in a learn-by-doing experience. 

After the investigation role-play, participants shift to a related role-play as members of an interagency project design team. Leveraging their own expertise, participants shared agency expertise and perspectives and engaged a range of key programmatic and policy issues.  is learning event was held in Washington D.C, under the auspices of the Justice Sector Training, Research, and Coordination Plus (JUSTRAC+) program, which is funded by U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).