ROLC to Host g7+ Ministerial Meeting on Access to Justice for All in Conflict-Affected Countries

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Ensuring justice for all is a global challenge with over five billion people estimated to lack meaningful access to justice. This challenge is particularly acute in conflict-affected countries. To address these challenges, the Secretariat of the g7+ will host a Ministerial-level meeting on “Access to Justice for All in Conflict-Affected Countries” in The Hague, the Netherlands, from 19-20 June 2019. USC’s Rule of Law Collaborative (ROLC) is providing logistical and substantive support, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is providing financial support. In addition to Ministers from the twenty g7+ Member States, the meeting will be attended by development partners and representatives from civil society.

The meeting will employ both plenary discussions aimed at identifying common challenges and opportunities as well as interactive peer to peer learning sessions organized around various thematic topics. The final outcome of the two-day meeting will be a joint Action Plan agreed upon by the g7+ ministers in attendance to be presented at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development held at the United Nations in July 2019.