“Shrinking Civil Space and Democracy in South Asia: Civil Society Perspectives.”





Civil Society


On September 21, ROLC’s Atif Choudhury and Jerome Hansen served as lead discussants in the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)’s conference on civil society in South Asia. The conference was co-hosted by two of ROLC’s partners—the Women in Security, Conflict Management, and Peace (WISOMP) and the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS). Atif reviewed papers on the state of civil society in Bangladesh and the Maldives, while Jerome reviewed a paper on civil society in Sri Lanka. ROLC contributed to discussions and strategizing on how civil society actors can effectively maneuver increasingly difficult social, political, and economic challenges on both national and global levels.ROLC was also able to offer feedback and support for young researchers and advocates.